plural noun: perceptions
Define perception: the way you think about or understand someone or something
How do you perceive the below picture?
Okay, so I put you to the test…with the below picture. What do you understand from the picture below. Trust me, no 2 people will have the same answer. 
I’ll give you mine below 🙂
For the record, I do not know who this girl is or the location, but it does look like somewhere in Goa or maybe Kerala.. (clue : coconut trees)
Okay, so my perception of the picture is…when I looked closely “It’s a fairly windy day, with her hair flying and she’s catching her dress yes!” There’s lots more I noticed, but I’ve told you the first thing…btw she’s tall, isn’t she? interesting 😉
C’mon! You’re turn now..don’t feel shy 😉

14 Replies to “Perceptions”

  1. that’s such a pretty dress pattern………………love her back

  2. Those are my thoughts too! Also, she’s got curves 🙂

    1. I’m gonna look again…wait!
      Yes!! You like that huh!?

  3. It’s Kerala. Look at the house in between the trees. Typical Kerala house. And the watch on her hand reminds me of the movie 3 idiots(hope you got the scene)….

    1. OMG! Jothish…there’s a beautiful girl right in the middle of the pic (okay not middle)..and you’re looking for a house between the trees 😉 Guess you look more at the minute things 😅😅😅😅😅 I like it… what else? Tell us more 😉😉

      1. I left the girl for you. 😋😋

  4. Wow! It’s a beautiful place to hang out ,water ,greenery everywhere and about this girl ,she is enjoying the place being alone,she might be enjoying nature!🙂She might be single too Sav😜well giving you an info dear!i like her toned legs,well ” hello world , I’m straight”, but i wish to have such long , toned legs😉😉

  5. An attractive woman, appears to be waiting for someone or something? It’s funny I can tell she’s attractive without seeing her face.

    1. We men do have that special ability. I agree she’s pretty attractive. Guess she’s waiting for her boat to arrive 😂😂

  6. To me,
    She’s trying to take it all in.
    The beauty of the nature and the scene. <3

    1. Looks like Ananya..I would still like to believe she’s waiting for her boat to come 😁😁😁

  7. Perceptions, you see, Sav. 😉

  8. Location looks like Kerala, Short dress means she is definitely not raised there – regardless of the unknown identity, she is enjoying the Nature. And that is a priceless. 🙂

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