February ‘Love’

January’s passed by… some said it was a trial month for 2017. It does take some people a whole month to get going for the year – understandable I guess.

Now February is now upon us. 2 days into February and I can already feel the ..The ‘Love’  month is here. There’s something about this month, that you will find people smiling that extraaaa bit, there’s just that extraaaa effort put in to make your partner feel special  people are coochie cooing  with more intensity. Being single and looking at all this around me, makes me smile…at least there’s no pressure on me 

Guess the presence of ‘red’ everywhere does ignite the passion within the hearts of lovers all around… and then Valentines Day  is around the corner of course. Card galleries are decked u with ‘red’ balloons, hearts  and other decorations, rose vendors will be business soon and lots of chocolate boxes will be bought and eaten 

Sweet February  is here 🙂

What are your elaborate plans for the month of February?

In my state, Goa..more importantly goes to polls on the 4th February…and that’s not all. First time girl voters will be given a pink teddy bear. Polling booths in Goa are going Pink. Pink to start the month, Red mid month…pretty colorful month in Goa I should say 🙂

I know what my contribution to the month of February will be..to caste my wise vote for a party that I feel will do good things in my state. I vote for change’ and if you’re a Goan reading this, you will very well understand what the word ‘change’ truly means. Time to sweep away corruption for good..at least a start can be made. 

I know…I know…too much of love here on this post.. a lot of hearts..a pink teddy bear..and multi colored text 😉 Isn’t February all about this? 

7 Replies to “February ‘Love’”

  1. Hey…. love is in the air….

    1. Btw Aditi…Aditi 4 is now on-board the..extra..aaamile 😁 and I thought…my name was famous. Whole lot of Aditi’s out there…

      1. What are u sayingggg 😲

        1. Looks like all the Aditi bloggers have descended on the WordPress platform 😂😂😂

  2. Somone loves pink teddybear and heartines so much i guess😜Btwn we need seperate day to express love?!I always wonder,it could be anyday right,everyday is a Valentine’s day for the people who love each other truly!

    1. “Everyday is a Valentine’s Day, every moment is a Valentine moment…” heard this dialogue in some movie, can’t recollect which. I used to gift pink teddie to my gal friends…some of them now, whose eyes are plucked out by their kids 😁😁😁😁

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