It’s Sunday..Church Time

Besides being a non-working day, Sunday is more important for us, Catholics as we attend
Sunday Mass
. Like many of our kind, I too am a submarine catholicattending the 9.15 mass in my parish sitting somewhere in the middle-back rows of the church.  

Why submarine Catholic?  because we surface once a week on sunday at church, 7 days later and you will see us again. We all do it-yes! Of course I do love going for sunday mass and my full attention is given, until of course the priest’s sermon begins and then somehow magically.. the mind starts to wander.

I’m not gonna get distracted..I tell myself, keeping my eyes wide open, ears cocked to listen.. and then someone *coughs*, I look around to see..I see my friend, he’s looking around too.. we smile at each other 🙂 I look around a little bit, the girl who is standing in the corner “she’s so tall” 😉 I shake my head, distractions! I look ahead at the priest..he’s saying something, I am paying attention.

Someone’s walking in late, I turn again…I don’t know who he/she is..but I give the “I-know-you’re-late-look..and then in the corner somewhere a baby is crying “what can we do to have a little silence around here”? I make a few funny faces to see if the baby can stop crying.. stops the crying for a while and then howls even louder – that clearly didn’t work. I’m pretty much distracted now.. and I’ve not even heard the priest’s sermon, my sister is gonna ask me when I get home. That’s an annoying habit she has..she asks a lot of questions. Maybe I’ll ask a friend on the way out 🙂

It is already communion time. The walk, slowly in line to the front to receive holy communion and then back..there’s an old lady walking back slowly to her seat, should I overtake? Maybe not..I still try.. to the right but then she turns right, her seat is there..and I pause just in time, not to come to close to push her, I go to the left side and walk back to my seat. Phew! close call. I look at the back, my friend is smiling, he knows I almost did a boo-boo there 😉

The final blessing, signed myself with the sign of the cross and now half the people are already walking out, the final hymn is not even done yet. I like the final hymn the choir is singing, I know the chorus part..I’m not sure of the other words, I look up on the screen and I sing. I look at the choir I wonder who that cute girl is in the choir..she sings so’s in the choir, maybe I’ll ask him after mass” – *Mental note* ask dad casually after mass, but then dad’s smarter than me, his son doesn’t simply ask question unless he’s interested.

Everyone’s smiling, now chit chatting outside the church. Sunday is done.. walking home, people are checking their phones “3 miscalls, 14 whatsapp messages…and the phone rings, the same miss-called number

“Hello.. I was at mass, phone was on vibration…..” 

Of course it is only FRIDAY today.

P.S: Based on general observations and more importantly, taken the idea from Jade’s blog, an awesome blogger who has sunday-church thoughts of her own 🙂 Jade rocks! Check her blog out by clicking HERE 


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  1. So true Savio! The sermon is my power nap time always😋, and when someone catches me, I’d say that I was just nodding a yes to what the priest was saying. But going to church once in a week is like taking g your car to a garage. It’s so important. Perhaps the only time when people actually talk and share their experiences (after mass talks)….

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