My supa’ gals

I go to the movies
I watch TV and..
I listen to the radio
‘Cause I like them all …my super girlssg
my supa’ gals they’ll always be

While Priyanka, Alia & Deepika gets me a tickin’
Ayesha’s voice on the radio is a pleasure to hear
but then you’ll never guess who’s at the top of that list
..and in my heart so dear

My superrrr girl
Even though the rest of the world don’t know you
You’ll always be.. my supa’ girl
and the way we’re going,
we will have forever.. to go on & on

Sexy girls to my left & right
but to no one will I see
for you came along and stole my heart
and I’m not easily setting you free

My supa’ girl..
you know who you are..
and tho’ the world don’t know you yet..
the little world I live in.. certainly does.

…and then someone asked me “Alia really?”…isn’t she like too young for you?

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