..makes me think

I have this movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ saved on my computer..and every time I happen to open the folder where the movie is stored, I end up watching parts of the movie and then eventually the whole movie, again-&-again. The story seems to have got stuck somewhere in my head.
No idea why? I can’t seem have enough of it! I have questions and lots of them.
This movie makes me think…

No matter how much we put up a smiling face, a brave front to the world outside, we all have that something that holds us back from being the best version of ourselves

..and that we can’t be ourselves coz of ‘certain things’ which just pisses me off no end. I need to shut up coz “What will society think?” Screw society! Nobody cares, they all act as if they do! All people will do is talk..but then for how long? Until they find some news more juicier to gossip about…

How on earth do I get ‘those certain things’ off my chest!!!!??? The so called “things that must be kept within 4 walls?”

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  1. Here’s the space to do that ☺️

    1. U really think so Pradita? Talking to a very close friend too maybe ryt?

  2. Close friends will always do the trick, but writing here could give you an objective perspective from others. That what I’ve discovered ever since I started writing here

    1. Yup, thats true.. 😊 you know something…you’re a pretty smart n cool cookie 😁😁 always meant to tell u that someday 😉😉

      1. *blushing* aww shucks! Thanks Savio. You made my day 😁

  3. What I think is better concentrate on what we ought to do. Rather than worrying about society. Eventually they will too agree with u. Because so called society is itself made by beliefs and actions of people.

  4. I know u watch it over and over again for Alia

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