Then: Press. Now: Swipe.

mobile_phone_keypad.jpgPhones have come a long way from pressing to now swiping. While we still see some people punching numbers on their mobile phones others are busy swiping. As I mentioned in some earlier post, our family is now Samsung and Android powered – mum, dad, sis and myself all have our own Samsung phones. notifications-iphone5_1.gif

The fun part was when I was teaching mum how to use her then new Android phone, the first thing obviously was ‘how to swipe’basic function of any android phone. Like we all know the key to using a touch screen phone is ‘swipe’, that’s basically what you’ll end up doing the whole day, or at least a few hundred times.

All I told mum was “you need to swipe to open your phone” and she took to the instruction like fish to water..she was swiping everything on her phone in every direction.. (initial excitement) definitely 😂😂😂😂 moments. She mastered the swipe after a lot of practice. Though, now and then she has her anxious moments while swiping the green call button to pick an incoming call.. (incoming-call excitement) she’ll go on a swiping spree.. 😆😆 by that time either the call has got cut or run out of its allotted rings (we all know how long it takes a woman to find a cell phone in her bag) 

It’s little over a month old and she loves her new mobile to bits, especially the YouTube app, you’ll see her playing a lot of videos, besides whatsapp (she enjoys receiving videos and pictures). Dad is pretty possessive about his electronic gadget. So mom & dad are now riding the wave owning their personal 4G phones.

That leaves us, my sis and myself, we still are on 3G phones. How ironic!

Teaching your parents how to use an android phone will always be fun, might be a bit irritating at times when they keep asking the same questions over & over again, but they would have done it for us when we were small, so…….. no complaints 🙂

This made me smile all through while typing this post..just recollecting some fun times with mum and dad and a small gadget that’s driving everyone crazy!!! 😂😂😆😆


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  1. So very cute! I can picture them both getting all excited about the phone and its features. My mom is the same 😊

    1. All moms are the same I guess 😁😁

      1. Yep… Sweet and childlike when it comes to technology

  2. True one Sav! I faced a lot in the starting phase when i was teaching mom! Btwn, all the woman won’t take so long to search a phone because some might carry in wallets and some might put them in jeans pockets too😉

    1. My mom wears sarees, so no pockets there 😉 …n btw sashu, putting phones in jeans pockets are not good..coz of vibrations and all. Safest place-in the bag 😉😉😉

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  4. My parents have recently started using the smart phones.. N I was the one who taught them how to use it..So can very well relate to this post.. At times its actually annoying when for every single thing they bother me with it.. But than I feel good that at least some thing is there which I can teach them beside being taught by them all through my life 😀😀

    1. Yes Priyanka, the little things we can do for them

  5. my mom learnt to use a smartphone the other week, and it might have me be extra careful on my profile pic and statuses on WhatsApp. Also that she may fancy making me a video call when I barely have left home, it will strain my pocket further. She should know that outside home am not on wi-fi :/

    1. Oh well! Congrats to mom! 🙂

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