‘Yes, I know you!’.. maybe. Challenge

Now this is different! Guessing game kinds 😉

So continuing from where Aditi left off and tagged me..

Aditi’s guess of 5 things that I carry were:

Kerchief, Wallet, Phone, Pen & a Rosary.

Well!! The first 3 of which were pretty simple to guess. Pen (not necessarily because I am in the teaching profession, but in case I have an idea for a blog post, I’d jot it down on whatever piece of paper I have in my pocket.

I also don’t carry a rosary, never had the habit from very young – tho a very good thing to do. However said, I am never too far away from a prayer 🙂

Lemme see now, what would Aditi carry with her, besides what Pooja has said…my guess would be

# a pair of sunglasses (considering the sunny days in Mumbai)

# House keys along with a bunch of other keys (which Aditi might not exactly know which goes where) 

# Some small minion thingy, could be a simple sticker or something minion related (to make her smile every time she opens her bag)

# A small snack (surely)

# A smaller purse thing to put coins in (this is totally imaginative)

Not sure if even one of them is correct..but if I can imagine Aditi carrying her bag, it’s got to having these small things.

To take this challenge further I nominate Sasha..

Sasha, is more than just a blogger pal on WordPress, she’s more..she’s now a dear friend, no day will pass without us chatting or talking on phone.

Okay! So now I’m gonna try to guess 5 things of what Sasha carries with her in her bag.

  1. Got to have chocolate in there (Cadbury would be my guess or any other chocolate – but a chocolate FOR SURE)
  2. Mobile Phone (that’s like a part of the body nowadays)
  3. A hand sanitizer or something equivalent
  4. A perfume bottle will be there in somewhere
  5. I’d like to think a pen drive (not sure tho’)
  6. BONUS: A hair brush (I can’t imagine sashu leaving home without one)

What do you Sasha, have to do… guess 5 things that you think I carry with me, besides the one’s Aditi mentioned and nominate a fellow blogger to keep the chain going on…



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