~ Fifty Shades ~ 2nd Installment

Good News: Fifty shades darker (the movie) released on 10th February 2017


The Bad news of course is that it isn’t releasing in India 🙁  Yes it is confirmed and I am not surprised at all. We have a SHIT censor board in India led by Pahlaj Nihalani. Guess we’ll have to wait until we download an HD or higher version (anything less than HD quality isn’t worth) to enjoy the movie in the comforts of our own house. Besides, I don’t think many people would opt to watch it with another person… (girl & girl might – boy & boy – NO – girl & boy…hmmm) you know just in case they get a little over excited. Couples however can enjoy it together 🙂

The movie might have not released in India but that does not stop us from imagining what to expect in the 2nd installment, the book of course gives us a lot to look forward too.

A little something to keep you going till you get to download and watch the movie


Needless to say…

…and every man needs a woman with a lottle (little but a lot) Anastasia Steele in her.

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  1. lottle.That was awlarious (awesomely hilarious) 😀

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