Wishes..as a child

As a child I wished, that I’d become an adult soon but if only I knew better, that being an adult would mean a receding hairline and a baby-paunch.. I think life was better as a kid. No way to go back tho’.

Anyone building a time machine, that can take me back? 

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I’d also wished, I would be famous as an adult..somewhere on the lines of a famous author or maybe a famous inspirational talker, impacting the lives of young peopleif only I knew being an adult would get me as far as owning a blog of my own and little else.

..and then I’d also imagine what if I had super powers… the power of invisibility, the power to fly, the power of having an unending supply of whatever I need at the press of a button. I still imagine those things..the adult in me, questions… “like seriously?? What were you thinking??” Guess there’s no harm in wishing, I say..it may still happen, you never know

Now as an adult, I don’t do anything special.. the normal..the routine..and then I think to myself “what would it take…to be a child again?”

the laughter…
the smiles…
the good times…
the pranks…
I could do with all that again

The ‘Inner child’ in me…can I give it a second chance? or has the adult life take over for good?


Having not have achieved a lot so far, I still continue to dream..I still wish..that someday I will see all of it happen in reality. I know it will, it just takes that much longer for some. 

7 Replies to “Wishes..as a child”

  1. The child in us lives forever

    1. needs to show up once in a while too..what do you say?

  2. As a child everyone’s dreaming to be an adult …..And the exact opposite happens when the time actually arrives. But as said in the comments….The child in us always lives….

  3. Savio, nice post. Let the child in you accompany you in the journey to realize your dreams . Life becomes more relaxed and enjoyable then🙂

  4. It’s all in your mind, Savio. Though it is easy to say. Gotta practice to be care-free like a baby. 🙂

    1. ..its a dialogue I often use to say to others “it’s all in the mind” and today I get to hear it 😉

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