As a child I wished, that I’d become an adult soon but if only I knew better, that being an adult would mean a receding hairline and a baby-paunch.. I think life was better as a kid. No way to go back tho’.

Anyone building a time machine, that can take me back? 

Image result for time machine to go in past

I’d also wished, I would be famous as an adult..somewhere on the lines of a famous author or maybe a famous inspirational talker, impacting the lives of young peopleif only I knew being an adult would get me as far as owning a blog of my own and little else.

..and then I’d also imagine what if I had super powers… the power of invisibility, the power to fly, the power of having an unending supply of whatever I need at the press of a button. I still imagine those things..the adult in me, questions… “like seriously?? What were you thinking??” Guess there’s no harm in wishing, I may still happen, you never know

Now as an adult, I don’t do anything special.. the normal..the routine..and then I think to myself “what would it take…to be a child again?”

the laughter…
the smiles…
the good times…
the pranks…
I could do with all that again

The ‘Inner child’ in me…can I give it a second chance? or has the adult life take over for good?


Having not have achieved a lot so far, I still continue to dream..I still wish..that someday I will see all of it happen in reality. I know it will, it just takes that much longer for some.