Freezed is not even a word – TAKE NOTE.

At the cash deposit counter at Axis bank, a young guy accepts my Pay-In slip, types something on his computer. I am busy looking at the pretty girl in the next counter (Cash withdrawals counter, I notice… no ring on ‘the finger’ she’s got one on the Index finger…and that’s perfectly okay 😉 )

The guy at the cash deposit counter speaks “Sir, your account is freezed”


My immediate reaction was of surprise, smiling to myself-I say “My account can’t be freezed” 

Saying to myself, freezed is not even a word. However I did understand what he meant in banking terminology but English wise, he was soooooo wrong 😛

He sent me down to speak to one of the girls who could resolve my problem, it was the KYC form which was the problem and hence they had freezed my account 😛😛😛😛😛 

So the pretty girl wanted to know her customer (KYC full form for Know Your Customer), she could ask all the questions she wanted, I was sitting right there in front of her, instead she said that I needed to fill some form after which my account will be un-freezed (if that’s a word-not sure!)

So tomorrow I’ll be at the bank again tomorrow to un-freeeeeeze my account.

I have a question: Why do banks employ such pretty girls? Smart and Pretty.

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  1. To Distract the fellow customers! The same way you were “freezed” by checking out the pretty one rather than investing why its “freezed” 😂 lol.

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