So, I was flirting with the idea of moving out of the WordPress platform and have my own website (this could happen sooner or later) and host my blog on that. A normal step u’d think, to have a website of your own – tho’ I am yet to learn how this ‘website thing’ works.

Tho’ people would normally go by using their own name as the website address, (eg: www.saviopaes.com) I’m not sure I’d like to go that way-maybe stick to the blog name (minus wordpress) and it would be www.theextraaamile.com

How do you think it’ll sound as a website address? Considering, that now the name has become synonymous with me and a whole lot of other people.. it’s like

“Oh! The extra mile? with the 3 a’s…that’s Savio (at least on the blogging scene) I want the whole world to know that this guy doesn’t mind going the extra..aaa mile for ‘you’. It isn’t just a word, but a whole meaning in itself 🙂

Any suggestions?

..Oh and yes! I changed the color of the Logo and the background again 🙂 Blue this time with a shade of purple in it..(2 colors which I like the most) Then you also have Engelbert Humperdink serenading a song to love  in the background.

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  1. My best wishes to you buddy

  2. Yayy, All the best Sir. ☺☺

  3. try themes over weebly dude.. They are really so cool and elegant. https://www.weebly.com/in/onboarding

  4. Best of luck😀😀😀

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