The Road Ahead

I’d always wonder, what would it feel like to have your own website ( 😉 always wished to have my own website someday and now that it’s going to become a reality soon, I am quite excited about it. It always feels good to have your own little space on this World Wide Web, they call the Internet. Having started in a small way with a blog which was read by barely 10-20 followers initially has grown to past a 1000. 

In many ways the blog has given me my identity, and tho’ I have not named the blog after me, the word ‘theextraaamile’ has made a name for itself, me being the person behind it.

So now to go a step forward and..  Goin’ the extra..aaamile moves from the WordPress platform to a self hosting site. How soon that will see the light of day, is anyone’s guess. Things work pretty slow in India and if you’re in Goa..make that slow….slower 🙂



Till that time, somewhere not too far into the future I hope. I continue what I do best here..and that is write..and write more 🙂

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  1. Love the pix at the end btw. Always love your sense of humor.

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