Team INDIA – Brought back to Earth

The high-flying INDIAN CRICKET TEST TEAM has been brought down to Earth..courtesy a slow left arm bowler namely Steve O’Keefe from Australia. Yes! It’s time for the whole of India to bash the same Indian cricket test team that has had a flawless 2016 and a great home season so far, barring this one test that they are all set out to lose, gracefully!

I am no specialist cricket analyst, all I’m saying is If the Australian batsman could apply themselves on that pitch – WHY NOT INDIA?

Some Major talking points of this Test Match:

To begin with Pune being a first time test venue, has dished out a ‘disgraceful pitch’. Why lay out a pitch that turns from day 1 or worse still ball 1? Shame on the curator.

That done. Virat’s captaincy was very ordinary, considering the fact that there was so much talk about ‘having plans for each batsman or whatever’ I believe Rahane said that, so did Virat Kohli [Rahane’s contribution of 13&18 runs, Virat Kohli contribution of 0&13, add to that senseless reviews and below average captaincy (this test)]

Playing 5 specialist bowlers on a turning/crumbling pitch, where as a team you know you will require the extra batsman instead of the extra bowler. Wrong selection! Australia was never going to be pushover team like Bangladesh. Australia was the smarter team, better team composition, I think they understood the conditions better.

So much for Team India and their unbeaten streak, so far which will end somewhere today. Shame on a team, that has played some excellent display of both, bat and ball all of 2016, to come down to getting out for 105 in the first innings and to be struggling at 102/7 in their second.

I agree, even the best team can have an off match, but on home your own backyard and its not only that – you’ve been outplayed by a team who looked clueless in Sri Lanka, on similar pitches with similar bowling attacks and with Team India boasting of in-form batsman and bowlers. It’s a shame! At least compete (104 & 107) doesn’t quite make pretty reading.. this has been a complete humiliation.

I want to hear what Harbhajan Singh has to say now!! He predicted a 4-0 in favor of India..Australia is going 0-1 up, in a hurry.

Current score as I post this 107 all out – Pathetic!!

Which team bats for less than 41 overs in a test innings? INDIA..and they’ve done it twice in the same test.

Sorry! But we’re (Indian cricket fans) not impressed!

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  1. It’s good to lose sometimes otherwise winning is taken for granted. I turned off the match because I just can bare to see this “no. 1 ranked” team lose in such an ordinary manner…… Perhaps it’s overconfidence!! Media said that this is the weakest Oz team visiting India, but the results say something else.

    1. This is Australia, irrespective of what media says, Australia WILL always give their best and compete no matter what. Let’s hope this performance was just an aberration…

      1. That’s true. Hope this makes our high flying team question their approach.

  2. Good for you. Criticise the players, criticise the rankings, criticise the decisions. And frankly, I think even Kohli himself said they weren’t underestimating Australia by any means. As for selection, the same approach worked against England, even on a turning pitch like Vizag. But well, the team has lost now. Draw out the knives. It’s killing season.

    1. Not yet. This is not the kind of performance one can expect from a No 1 ranked team. They better turn this around and that too quickly…Australia means business. Good wake up call for Team India.

      1. Yes, good wake-up call. Doesn’t mean the team were flying in the sky, oblivious to the ground realities. It is a loss, a test loss, at home. That’s it. It isn’t the end of the world, not even for the team.

        1. Definitely not end of the world. It’s a game, someone’s gotta win n someone’s gotta lose..let’s hope Bangalore we have a better pitch n with that better batsmanship from both sides.

  3. And oh, in case it seemed like I think it’s wrong, I do feel criticism is important. That and self-realisation of what went wrong.

    1. More than just a heartbreak, it’s disappointment on how they lost.

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