Love & Alcohol

…could well turn out to be disastrous if not managed well. I’m not gonna cite examples here but of what I see around me, people are absolutely drowning in both. For 1. both make you do things that you would never do otherwise 2. Once you’re in it, its hard to get out of crave for more &

On the personal front, I’ve not been touched by both and it feels pretty OKAY. The emotion just keeps flirting with me through different people of the opposite sex..but then that’s about it. I’m yet to fall..and I bet when I do, it’s gonna be a hard fall. 

However, it is said..
“People who have been single for very long are the hardest to love, having become so used to being single” It would take someone extraordinary to convince them that they need you in their life.

..and as for alcohol, I just cannot understand how people can drink glass after glass..bottle after bottle! Isn’t alcohol a form of poison?  And don’t even begin to tell me “I’m only a social drinker”.. that is absolute BULL! For such people I guess ‘life’ is one social event and hence drinking is normal. Then I guess..they’ve got a point!

Being a Goan and not drink, does make ‘you’ the butt of all jokes at parties and social events, but then I guess you really can’t do anything about it but smile, maybe continue enjoying your coke while others slowly get intoxicated.

Of course, don’t expect any help from me, I’ll probably leave you lying on the ground – for all I care.

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  1. Chill dude… its alright to drink…

  2. Cheers! Have a drink, and a fling!

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