WhatsApp Update

 There maybe a lot of people who hate the new whatsapp update..but right now I am more concerned about this headline I read about an article related to the update on the Internet.


There is something awfully wrong in the above sentence. The verb ‘hate’ cannot be used in the ‘ing form’. People should at least know basic English before posting news on the Internet.  

This makes me sad.

What has the standard of English dropped to? If one cannot know what verb to use in what form, they have absolutely no right to be publishing articles on the net or anywhere for that matter.  

Coming back to the whatsapp update, I should be thankful enough that my phone doesn’t have enough space to update its apps. I’ve just made enough space for it to update the WordPress app, which is good enough for me 🙂 So while the whole world is going bonkers on the new whatsapp update, it really doesn’t affect me much. I don’t think WhatsApp will do a back roll on its latest update, a good time to get off WhatsApp maybe?

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  1. He he. I don’t even worry about this new update. And the company has said that it’ll revert to the old text status system now. Maybe those ‘hating’ it would start loving now. We can all do with some more love in this world. 😝😝

    1. Yes Ajit, that comes as a relief!

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