Bottle or Packet?

So this morning, I went to buy ‘ginger garlic paste’..the thingy you mix in curries to make it tastier. Now you must also know when a guy goes shopping, he sets out with certain images & words in his head and he needs to buy those exact things, no variations will do.

With that, I set out to buy a bottle of ginger garlic paste, the image of which I had in my mind looked like this 

But apparently shopkeepers don’t think this is a bottle, it is a packet to them. So I went around the market, asking around for a bottle to which I got a NO answer from every shop and they told me they had a packet but I needed a bottle. I smiled and walked on to the next shop.

After walking around the market, 8 different shops and not finding what I wanted, I thought to myself; 

Wow!~ how difficult is it really to buy a simple thing as this? After getting fed up with all the NO answers I got shop after shop, I finally asked one shopkeeper to show me the s0-called-packet that he and all the shopkeepers had, the next best option to the bottle I was searching for..and he takes out the packet which I was searching for..but wait! This is a packet? How is it a packet? It is a bottle, it has a cap on its head and it stands on its own, a packet is a packet and one needs to cut it open and not just open and close its cap.

I thought I’d give a lesson to the shopkeeper about what a packet is and how different it is from a bottle, but before I could even begin he said;

“40 Rs” and got busy doing something else. Well, he missed out on learning something new. He will go on with life in knowing the wrong thing, which is sad.

Btw, this is what a packet looks like… always helps with a visual 😉


While my friends are busy making babies and boasting about looking forward to fatherhood, I am here deciding on what should be a packet vs a bottle. Well, some learn before marriage, others after marriage, whichever way we look at it-there will be times your wife will send you out shopping, you better learn 😂😂😂

Have a super Tuesday folks!

13 Replies to “Bottle or Packet?”

  1. How does it matter? The content is same, right? 😅

    1. Ur right Aditi! How come those brilliant thoughts don’t come to me? 😮

  2. I think,it is a packet with a cap. So I will go with packet ..not bottle 😀

    1. but packets don’t have caps! maybe it is pactle (coined a new word) 😀😀😀

      1. Let’s settle for pactle 😉

      2. But bottle shatter when they hit the floor😕

        1. The glass ones do..not all bottles are made of glass, u have plastic too.

          1. You got me there. Even forgot that there are plastic bottles, bigger dummy award goes to me😅😅😅😅

          2. happens! happens!! to the best of us 😉

          3. So you and I are now in the same category??😆😆
            At least, I got me some cool partners☺☺☺

  3. Wow..Through your post I understood this ‘packet’ and ‘bottle’ thing😂😂

    1. Really? I’m feeling quite good about myself ryt now

  4. I prefer crushing ginger and garlic for making the paste to buying the packet/bottle. Fresher, tangier, tastier.
    And oh, next time when you go to the store, just ask for Ginger-Garlic paste. Don’t say either packet or bottle. Let the man decide himself. 😝

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