Betty Cooper

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If you’ve ever read Archie Comics, you’ll know who Betty Cooper is. We’ve all grown out of Archie Comics now but what if I tell you that the Archies gang is back in a new avatar in a television series named R I V E R D A L E.

Yup! Super Cool! I’ve just found it out myself and having already watched 6 episodes of Season 1, I am already in love with the show. Not the usual college rom-com stuff but something different. There’s something mysterious happening at Riverdale.

Catch it on The CW channel. Oh wait! We don’t get that channel in India now, do we? Guess the next best option is to download it from the Internet or maybe watch it online. A show not to miss out on..

Betty Cooper

Archie Andrews


Veronica Lodge

Watch it for whoever you like. More so, if you like mystery, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this show. 

I loved Betty Cooper <3 in the comic and I love her so much more in RIVERDALE. 

That’s Betty (Comic Vs Tv Series RIVERDALE..ain’t she pretty?)


11 Replies to “Betty Cooper”

  1. Oh, my Gods! My week literally involves crying that there are some (x) days left for the new episode to air. I am SO HOOKED on to Ruverdale!

    1. This is such an awesome show ryt?…the mystery around the Blossoms? Betty looks cute, I like Veronica too..must admit, she’s got class.
      How often does the show air on CW?

      1. It’s a weekly! A new episode airs every Thursday on CW. But I usually watch it on the app I use to stream all my favourite TV shows.

  2. I’ve been following this show! I love it so much. I like that it’s not the typical romance drama, there’s crime too!

    1. Yup..I’m just watching the 6th ep.

      1. I haven’t watched it yet! No spoilers!

        1. 😁😁😁 how many episodes have u watched this far?

          1. Sonali, in that case you’ll love ‘Jane the Virgin’ too..have you caught up on that one?

          2. No, I haven’t, but I’ll start looking for it now!

          3. I’m up-to-date on that…Season 3. Good one…

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