Goa Election GAME – Poll Results

Herald headline

This was what the Headlines said on Goa’s most loved newspaper, The Herald. Now that we are the end of the day and the polling results declared, we have a winner – there’s happiness and there’s sadness, but like the headlines rightly say

…but will people win? Guess that will remain a question to be answered for the next 5 years, till of course people either start praising or complaining of what the elected party had done, not done or undone.

I’m not very high on politics but I do understand a thing or two on how the system works, having some people I know who are in the field or closely related.

So we have the Congress party++.. (or wait! there could be a slip between the cup and the lip) on who will look after (look after being a very relative term) Goa for the next 5 years.

Good Luck Goa and Goans

Every Indian knows that all political parties are corrupt, sometimes its just about voting for the lesser evil.

I guess a few people would have this on their mind..

Now that the new govt is here…   as a new chapter begins.

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  1. I think we already have a slip here. Mr. Parrikar is returning. 😀

    1. Oh yes! Everyone’s talking here at home, no one wants to sleep. It’s already midnight 😉

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