A “Me” Post

So, I was giving sis this talk about Life in general n all.. [for those who don’t know, I am the younger of the two siblings-but I love to give her talks 😉 ]
Giving her my example, I said “My philosophy in life is simple..I’m not here to make people happy (do not take it in the literal sense), I’m not the joker in people’s life..I’m here to do a job and if in the process life throws a few moments that are worthy of fun and laughter, I don’t mind being a participant” (Don’t get me wrong, by no means am I a boring person, but I do come across as a serious person when you meet me first, until you have seen the other side of me, which not every one gets to see)

Another phrase I use a lot is “I give a Hoot!” Yes, people have a lot of things to say and if I’m gonna mull over all that is said, I’m not gonna get anywhere..the best is to care a damn! or ‘give a hoot’ as I use often. Having said that, there are some people who are very close to me and if they say something, that would really hurt, but then again those people are few and far in between.

I am a person who is straight to the face – I’m not the beat-around-the-bush kind of guy unless of course the situation demands it. Diplomacy does not work with me-tried it and people don’t seem to get it, so that’s out of the window too.

After listening to all that I had to say, my sis says… “but all this will only fetch you more enemies”

So what!!! At least I have a clean soul..and that is more important to me. Nothing else matters and that I do the morally correct thing.

Okay, so now that I have reached to the end of what I had to say, I am wondering to myself..what was the purpose of this post..

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  1. The purpose was to let people know that they shouldn’t give a hoot about troubkes and trouble some people in their lives 😉😁

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