Fifty Shades Darker – The Movie

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Obvious reason why this post is so late from the release of the movie. The movie did not release in India, and by the time I got to watch it, its already a month old.

Yes! I have finally watched the 2nd installment of the ‘fucked up’ trilogy of ‘Fifty Shades’. I’d have to say, movie wise, the 1st installment made interesting viewing…the 2nd part is more like.. you’re seeing the same thing (doesn’t have the same effect on the viewer) besides the normal dis-robing scenes and Anastasia Steele making all sorts of sounds just being around Christian.

I actually did find some scenes really funny, to mention 2 below:

The first scene being.. where Christian inserts some kind of silver balls (or vaginal balls as it is technically known to be-supposed to be used for sexual stimulation) into her for the masquerade ball they had to attend and Ana’s reaction is like: “I’m not putting those up my butt.” (like Christian Grey doesn’t have something more kinkier on his mind)

The second one, where in the lift, with people around Ana & Christian, he inappropriately touches her in the right areas, sparking all kinds of pleasure on Ana’s face & body, whispering into Ana’s ear “Don’t cum, like he’s making it any easier for her to control. Goodness gracious! I was laughing my ass out, don’t think that was the kind of reaction that was expected, but I just found it so hilarious.

Now in India, you are never too old to watch a film like this with parents hovering around the house, maybe in the next bedroom or in the corridor somewhere and with Anastasia moaning at the sight of has to be quick on the volume controls to move between higher and lower volumes.

I am an Adult and I am allowed to watch adult films, but then to parents we will always be kids…so yes! and hearing it on headphones doesn’t really give the desired effect 😉

Is it me or does Christian Grey look a little tired in the film? Ana too doesn’t look her perky self like in part 1. Guess it’s just ‘the stuff’ that’s been weighing them down 😉 They did leave some parts out from the book, which isn’t fair coz you wanna see everything you have read and missing out on those moments kind of makes you think…why? Not that there were significant parts but still makes the movie incomplete.

More than Anastasia Steele, I liked Mia (Christian’s sister in the movie) 

Rating: 2.5/5


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  1. I still haven’t watched this movie and after reading review I will have to think

  2. This sounds such a failure! I haven’t seen the 2nd installment and after reading the review I think I wouldn’t be watching… Thanks for sharing it!

    1. It is a disappointment, considering all the hype that was created before the release.

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