What’s your point?

Imagine this…

You’re telling a friend an amazing story and you just get to the best part, when suddenly he interrupts

“Micheal and myself” not “I and Micheal”

aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh – BAM! you lose your chain of thought!

Most of us would probably be really annoyed, but aside from the very rude interruption, does your friend have a point?

Was the sentence actually grammatically incorrect?

and even if was, he still understood it right, so why does it even matter?

Well..the moment has passed! You’re all of a sudden from a very good mood – to now pissed!

How many of us Grammar Police out here? 



22 thoughts on “What’s your point?

  1. I don’t normally interrupt people while they are speaking. But if they are writing and I catch them spelling a word incorrectly, it’s an entirely different story! 😂 I’m the spelling police! I can’t hold myself back from pointing out misspelled words. 😁

  2. Don’t be 😤 pissed 😡

    Just laugh 😂 it off..
    I have my four year old correcting on pronunciation..
    Hahahaha ..

    It can be annoying when interrupted and makes you lose your thoughts and gist of your story

  3. I do interrupt my friends when they speak, to correct the pronunciation only. It gets on their nerve easily.
    My grammar is a bit weak and so I can’t police them on the grammar part.

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