What’s your point?

Imagine this…

You’re telling a friend an amazing story and you just get to the best part, when suddenly he interrupts

“Micheal and myself” not “I and Micheal”

aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh – BAM! you lose your chain of thought!

Most of us would probably be really annoyed, but aside from the very rude interruption, does your friend have a point?

Was the sentence actually grammatically incorrect?

and even if was, he still understood it right, so why does it even matter?

Well..the moment has passed! You’re all of a sudden from a very good mood – to now pissed!

How many of us Grammar Police out here? 



22 Replies to “What’s your point?”

  1. I will raise my hand, I keep interrupting my hubby always… although he speaks better than me. But I love to irritate him😊

    1. Hi5 Shivangi, I do it to my sis & mom, for the same reasons. Difficult to catch dad..tho’ I manage sometimes 😉

  2. I don’t interrupt. No point. You an always tell the other person after he/she’s done speaking.

    1. I don’t do that when with friends. students or anybody outside family 🙂

      1. ahan.. that’s good.

  3. “Michael and I” is more appropriate I suppose. 🙋

      1. Maybe. I’m not sure.
        I learned that the first person is always put at the last when the first person is saying it and “I” is used instead of “me” or “my” or “mine”.
        What say?

        1. We could have an interesting discussion on this, over a glass of cold coffee..how does that sound?

      1. Yeah. I thought the same.

  4. I don’t normally interrupt people while they are speaking. But if they are writing and I catch them spelling a word incorrectly, it’s an entirely different story! 😂 I’m the spelling police! I can’t hold myself back from pointing out misspelled words. 😁

    1. That’s nice Shweta 🙂 Have you seen the spelling on some of our daily newspapers? Pathethic! Herald especially..Times of India (Goa Edition) has the occasional mistake 😉

      1. Yes. I’ve come across some horrible typos!​ 😂

  5. Don’t be 😤 pissed 😡

    Just laugh 😂 it off..
    I have my four year old correcting on pronunciation..
    Hahahaha ..

    It can be annoying when interrupted and makes you lose your thoughts and gist of your story

  6. I do interrupt my friends when they speak, to correct the pronunciation only. It gets on their nerve easily.
    My grammar is a bit weak and so I can’t police them on the grammar part.

  7. Omg I feel you so much…I am alright when people do this ironically but otherwise it’s so annoying cause obviously they are doing it to degrade you..#Relatable….

  8. But why “Michael and I”is wrong? 😞

    1. I didn’t say it was wrong Aditi, it depends on what context you are using it in…like in which tense etc. The same goes with Micheal and myself… 😉

      1. Pls whats app me more regarding tense. I would like to learn ☺

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