Good manners?

They couldn’t get enough of each other, as their relationship grew from their initial making eye-contact-days to now wanting to do it. Their kisses grew in intensity, as it was now getting a regular affair that Kaira and Mihir would head back to his apartment after working hours.

They decided that today would be THE day to take that step ahead. Mihir knew the couch wasn’t the right place, as he carried Kaira into the bedroom after their rather extra prolonged exploring session on the couch. 

No sooner they got onto the bed, they lost the rest of their clothing. He asked her;

“Are you sure?” Mihir was a true gentleman

“Yes” she replied, as he reached out to the side drawer to pull out a condom packet. He excused himself to the bathroom to put it on. She seemed confused..

“You know I could have put it on for you..” 

He smiled and said “It’s just good manners”



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  1. Hmmm… who does that really?😅 i mean… considering the heat of that moment.. Mihir thought about manners??? Really??? 😲

    1. yup..the moment’s gone! 😉 So much for good manners 🙂

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