I’m NOT a flirt or Am I?

Yesterday I was told (jokingly) “Savio, you are such a flirt” and this after I was making small talk with a girl who worked at a xerox shop. Now how does that qualify being a flirt? Was it maybe the way I say it, accompanied with a smile and I swear I didn’t do anything with my eyes. I had a laugh with my friend after she mentioned it.

No way! I’m NO flirt. I do share a very good rapport with the female sex, but that apart I don’t flirt or hit on all of them. Wait! I haven’t done it to even one of them. U see, how simple a guy I am? I am what you call ‘the Gentleman’ as my best friend (who also is a girl) says, after I sent her a whatsapp message to specifically ask

“Can I ask you something? Do you think I am a flirt? Do I flirt with you? Have I ever?” (Taking into consideration that this is one girl I really really..really like)

She replies in the negative and says something really sweet after that “u just are a gentleman man n make people comfortable around you” I told you she is sweet, now isn’t that something a sweet girl like her would say?

[I refer to all my girl (friends) as girls even if they are women, it just sounds better..unless of course you are 45+ then they are fully blown grown women]

She continues to say

C, I am used to guys flirting ..so I know when a guy is genuine n when he is a flirt, so you don’t don’t fall in da flirt category, otherwise I would have told you”

Wait! So I’m not a flirt..? Not even a little bit? Damn! If my best friend sees me as a gentleman over being a flirt, I believe her. She kind of reads me like a book, no idea what genre I would come under..maybe I should ask her. Yes.

…but not even a little bit??? 32




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  1. You should have thanked that person for saying so! It’s called being friendly and surely that person is jealous because they cannot be like you. I am more comfortable taking to guys than girls, for one reason that I don’t like to talk about nail paints, who’s wearing what and all that. And hard to find a girl who is like me! Many of my friends were like ooh ya, what’s going on between the two of you? The answer is conversation! 😀 You know who you are better than others. 😀😀

    1. I’m pretty cool on what people say, people like to express themselves and when you say words like ‘thankyou’ they feel obliged to say more. So laughing it off or smiling without saying anything else suits best, I guess 🙂

      1. Actually thank you will be an insult to them. They expect you to argue and they can make fun about it. So when you say thank you, it’s like a slap to their ego. 😀

  2. Haha.. a nice post gentleman 😉

  3. Now that is subjective, isnt it? I think we should ask the girl at Xerox center 😛
    (so called victim of so called flirting) 😀 😀

    1. Please, by all means 🙂 For that, firstly – you’ll have to apply for leave, travel, spend a few hours in Goa, which would include tiredness. Now are you willing to go through all that for a simple blog post? If you are even considering that – I should frame this blog post up on my wall 🙂 Let me know…How’s that…was that too much? Did I just bowl you a yorker and have you clean bowled? [for explanation of the following cricketing terms, consult a cricket fan] – DONE!

      1. Chilax dude… i communicate with people on the other side of the globe without personally visiting them… so u can imagine how easy it will be in case of Goa 😅😆😉

  4. You are a true gentleman, if i were to believe you!

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