I’m NOT a flirt or Am I?

Yesterday I was told (jokingly) “Savio, you are such a flirt” and this after I was making small talk with a girl who worked at a xerox shop. Now how does that qualify being a flirt? Was it maybe the way I say it, accompanied with a smile and I swear I didn’t do anything with my eyes. I had a laugh with my friend after she mentioned it.

No way! I’m NO flirt. I do share a very good rapport with the female sex, but that apart I don’t flirt or hit on all of them. Wait! I haven’t done it to even one of them. U see, how simple a guy I am? I am what you call ‘the Gentleman’ as my best friend (who also is a girl) says, after I sent her a whatsapp message to specifically ask

“Can I ask you something? Do you think I am a flirt? Do I flirt with you? Have I ever?” (Taking into consideration that this is one girl I really really..really like)

She replies in the negative and says something really sweet after that “u just are a gentleman man n make people comfortable around you” I told you she is sweet, now isn’t that something a sweet girl like her would say?

[I refer to all my girl (friends) as girls even if they are women, it just sounds better..unless of course you are 45+ then they are fully blown grown women]

She continues to say

C, I am used to guys flirting ..so I know when a guy is genuine n when he is a flirt, so you don’t don’t fall in da flirt category, otherwise I would have told you”

Wait! So I’m not a flirt..? Not even a little bit? Damn! If my best friend sees me as a gentleman over being a flirt, I believe her. She kind of reads me like a book, no idea what genre I would come under..maybe I should ask her. Yes.

…but not even a little bit??? 32




12 thoughts on “I’m NOT a flirt or Am I?

  1. You should have thanked that person for saying so! It’s called being friendly and surely that person is jealous because they cannot be like you. I am more comfortable taking to guys than girls, for one reason that I don’t like to talk about nail paints, who’s wearing what and all that. And hard to find a girl who is like me! Many of my friends were like ooh ya, what’s going on between the two of you? The answer is conversation! 😀 You know who you are better than others. 😀😀

    • Please, by all means 🙂 For that, firstly – you’ll have to apply for leave, travel, spend a few hours in Goa, which would include tiredness. Now are you willing to go through all that for a simple blog post? If you are even considering that – I should frame this blog post up on my wall 🙂 Let me know…How’s that…was that too much? Did I just bowl you a yorker and have you clean bowled? [for explanation of the following cricketing terms, consult a cricket fan] – DONE!

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