A YouTube ‘Sensation’

What does it take to be a YouTube sensation?

I’m not sure..but it seems people like Vidya Iyer knows (Youtube channel Vidya Vox)..by remixing music, a few extra beats and adding a little English to a Hindi song and vice versa, she’s now a YouTube Sensation! If that is what takes for a person to become a YouTube sensation – God bless this generation, for appreciating such talent. No doubt she’s got a good voice, why not compose your own music and sing..why remix a song and that too make it multi-lingual?

Have you heard her music? Why damage a perfectly good song and convert it into something rubbish? People who have liked her music apparently haven’t heard songs of the 80’s and 90’s, now those were songs – Oh wait! She might take those songs and convert them into some rubbish tune as well.

Ms. Vidya Iyer, please don’t do that! Leave the good old songs alone at least…

Who does she think she is..the Indian version of Samantha Fox? Vidya Vox?

Vidya Vox

That way, Shirley Setia (another YouTube Sensation) is way so much cooler and a much better singer according to me. Click HERE to go to her YouTube channel.


Time for us, B-loggers to take the step up and become V-loggers..what say?

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  1. I hear you. I am also a follower of 90’s music and 00’s. Remixing of old songs is the case with our movie industry too. I don’t know where we are headed with this.
    May he help us All..

  2. Oh I have heard her songs as well as so many other upcoming singers who sing cover songs. While they are no doubt talented, I agree with your point of coming up with original songs.

  3. Oh there’s upcycling, recycling and remixing going on everywhere. Vintage is suddenly in vogue and everything is being rehashed to ‘reveal their ture meaning’… whatever that means. Personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong in recycling, as long as it doesnt destroy the original.

    1. However do have a listen to Vidya Vox..she does make it sound ugly.

      1. I will, my friend. She can’t be worse than Reshamiya XD

  4. I’ve watched a few of a her videos as well and although the old remixes sound very tampered with and loses its original charm, there are some beautiful songs that she has fused together. The newer ones at least. But I totally agree with you. Tampering with old charm steals away the authentic sounds and makes it a lot more garish and loud.

    1. Did you check out videos of Vidya Vox or Shirley Setia?

      1. Vidya Vox. She always pops up on my recommended and thats how I found her. I’m yet to go check Shirley Setia x)

        1. Shirley Setia is definitely much better!

  5. Next YouTube channel, Savio Roxx.

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