What’s your ‘Thing’?

Everybody has a ‘Thing’ 😉

Your thing is what drives, motivates, interests you the most. Something you are usually good at, your main focus. Often an area of expertise..

What is that thing you do/say/look out for in a crowd, notice..something that basically makes you act, YOU?

For some it may be food (a foodie), for others its conversation ..a few people can smell money from a distance. I know my friends very well..I’m a good reader of people and more than themselves, I know their ‘thing’..but wait! Do I really know myself?

What’s my ‘Thing’?

I guess it HAS TO be Correct use of language (I’m a stickler for language-Broken English is  so NOT ME) I’m no Mr. English, I make mistakes too.. but I do try to keep it down to a bare minimum. I do love to express myself, be it through talking or writing, always wanting to bring about a change – however small or big it is. Maybe I am a people’s person too..

Hmm! Now this in interesting! Never really thought of it..maybe its time to do some soul searching, I could find out some more secrets about myself 😉



I have a thing for Tall people (can that be a thing?)
‘Love’ is my thing too..

What’s your THING?