‘Arrogance’ & Models

Does getting into a career like modelling make the model ‘automatically’ arrogant?

Are all models arrogant by default? [referring to female models]

Is it the arrogance, that leads to a career in modelling, or the other way round? Surely some women have exceptional-to-great bodies, they need to look all chic and elegant on well…almost a daily basis. But seriously, what’s the deal? At the end of the day – she’s still a human being, still a woman, a sister, a daughter..some cases even a wife. Or is it that the ‘arrogance part’ is only reserved when she is in the model avatar? Not sure!?

More than calling a model arrogant, I think it’s their photographers who are the real shit people in the background (to use the Indian word – the assholes). While some of them are extremely professional and really good at what they do, others (or as I call them road-side clickers) are just in for the fun – these would be the real assholes. I have come across at least a couple myself. I’m always of the impression, no specific photographer can make a model look good, it is the quality of the camera that does it and maybe a few words of encouragement, and that encouragement needn’t come specifically from the man behind a lens.

Having attended a fashion show just yesterday, at a college fest, the stuff that the models have to put up just to impress judges, from the walk, to the costume, oomph factor..and what not that goes on behind the scenes.. all this for what? – a few points, claps and whistles?

While I agree, getting into this industry is very glamorous, however I am not a great advocate of people parading up and down a ramp to show themselves off.

So, what made me go to see the fashion show yesterday at the college fest, you’d ask. I was told it had a theme and I’ve always loved activities which are theme based from theater to dances or a fashion show for that matter. The theme for the Fashion show was Zodiac Signs, with each student presenting one Zodiac sign and it was lovely to see the creativity that went into the costumes and depiction of each Zodiac sign, which impressed me the most.

You must also know..some time ago, I was instrumental in stopping one such Fashion show for an Institute, on the mere argument that “my students weren’t not objects to be paraded up a ramp with no direction, theme or anything of that sort” and moreover when you had the chief guest, a priest and the Institution was a catholic one.

A Goan’s word prevailed over a malyalee’s (both of us teaching, in-charge of different departments) where he said – so what? It’s only a fashion show ryt!? Only a fashion show!?? It’s never JUST a fashion show.

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  1. What was the attire for aries? 😀

    1. curled up horn for some of them

      1. typical ram (the animal)! Red is it? I don’t know why people associate red with aries. Agreed they are a bit (too much) short tempered 😀 But they are lovely, witty, adventurous and friendly too 😀 😀

        1. Yes, I guess you’re an Aries? Read up on Capricorn too..we are extremes 😉

          1. Hahaha! I know. Four of my cousins are capricorns 😛

    2. tho’ personally I loved Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Capricorn (my zodiac sign)

      1. yes yes, we always love our zodiac don’t we 😉 According to Hindu calender, I am supposed to be a piscean. I feel I don not have traits of either of the zodiacs – english or hindu calender wise!

  2. Looks like that fashion show has really made u upset

    1. No it didn’t Aditi 🙂 but you know me well enuf to recognize that something did upset me 😉

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