Celebrating Freedom

If we look around, we have ample reason to celebrate, every hour of every day something good happens..and that’s enough reason to celebrate. Today, I am celebrating FREEdom.. freedom from Whatsapp! O’ Yes!  Its been 3 whole days and 4th day counting.. I went off whatsapp on Friday night..so Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today..Ya! Ya! Just 4 days but there are some people who can’t let 4 minutes pass without opening to check if they’ve received a new msg.


A friend asked, so how will you message now? Whatsapp is free and SMS is chargeable besides calling… I’m like Really!? How is whatsapp free? Just because it connects automatically to the home WiFi network..? Sure the WiFi does not come free, so whatsapp messaging isn’t REALLY free..is it?

There is nothing in this world which is really free – besides the air that we breathe of course, everything else comes at a cost.

14 Replies to “Celebrating Freedom”

  1. Hmmm great and as you rightly said nothing comes free of cost, have to pay Savio for each and everything.

  2. That’s why I didn’t get a reply from you😂😂😂 happy no WhatsApp month 😀😀😀🙋

    1. Planning to have a long relationship.. not just for a month

  3. You make a good point, but I’m keeping whatsapp haha. Charged SMS is a waste of money when Whatsapp doesn’t come at an additional cost. To fix an addiction we don’t remove the external addiction, we find internal strength.

    All the best on your whatsapp free journey though!

    1. actually its more of a space issue too on my phone, so if I had to chose between the WP app and whatsapp, I chose to keep the WP app 🙂

      1. That’s a good point. That’s what I use to browse as well.

  4. Where have u been man? I tried calling u… and pls come back on whatsapp ok? I cant send emoticons on a msg… 😖

    1. ..and I called you back, you didn’t pick my call 🙁

  5. Congrats on your FREEdom! Great resolve. All the best for your WhatsApp-free journey 🙂

    1. more thanks to my phone for not having sufficient memory to accommodate all the apps 😉

      1. 😁 ha! Now that’s what you call a blessing in disguise.

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