The ‘Tag’ that stuck

The 2 cups of coffee cofffeeeewas definitely a good idea, considering the cold conditions we found ourselves in room no. 263. Sometimes a cup of coffee helps you wake up and be more aware of ones surroundings. We smiled at each other, sipping on our individual cups, I smiled, took a sip and then she smiled and took a sip [okay! I totally made that up] I am sure that was the fastest I ever drank a hot cup of coffee.

I’m sure I had explained her well, the difficulty that she had regarding the notes. It was time to leave; a considerable amount of time had passed.

“I’m gonna go then, thanks for the coffee-loved it”  I finally got up and said

I’d have to admit, I’ve had better coffee’s but considering the situation I found myself in, I thought that was the right thing to say before leaving the room. She walked up to me and said

“Savio, you’re a nice guy”. (Of course I did help her…so Okay!).

I was always taught, that whenever someone gives you a compliment or says something nice, you are supposed to reply with a ‘Thank You’, and that’s exactly what I did.

There was something very familiar with those words “You’re a nice guy”, where have I heard that before, surely I have somewhere. Scanning through the various files and folders of my brain, I finally found what I was searching for. It was in college, I was told the very same words by…. Wait! That time too…? I played the whole episode in front of my eyes…Oh Ya, definitely a moment there! Maybe I was just too distracted to notice.

When I heard it for the second time, in that cold icy room that night – I never knew I would be stuck with that tag “The Nice Guy”. I could be ‘the good guy’ or ‘the great guy’ or even ‘the cool guy’ but NO, I was the Nice Guy. It also dawned on me, that the modern woman, liked to be in the driver’s seat. Back in Goa, I had just acquired my driving license.

What’s this that I read.. “Nice Guys finish last”? Is that true? This wasn’t good news. I would need to change that a.s.a.p.


I also realized as time passed, change takes time…


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  1. I enjoyed reading the nice guy story. 🙂

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