Sometimes, you do not write your story, it writes you.
You don’t choose your story, it chooses you.
But would you believe it if someone told you, ‘This Is Not Your Story’?
Would you have the courage to rewrite it?
This has to be a killer blurb! Just by reading’d want to have your own copy.,204,203,200_.jpg?w=1000

This is the second book of Author Savi Sharma, I’ve read in 2 days. While you might have read my review of the first book, her second book ‘This is not your Story’ is simply, to put in one word ‘brilliant’ – Savi Sharma does indeed have the talent to carve out a beautiful story, unlike her first book which disappointed on many levels. Maybe I should have waited to read both her books and then review it together.

There’s something different and refreshing about this story, that caught my attention.. a few pages into the book. Maybe it was that I could relate to so many parts of the story. What I loved the most, were the sections of ‘Miraya’s Diary’, I could relate strongest to her character, though the characters of Kasturi, Shaurya & Anubhav were equally interesting to read. We could take a little something, from every character portrayed in the book. I could actually picture the story coming alive in front of my eyes.

You many find this review very contrasting to the one I wrote about her first novel, but the fact is – this novel had more heart put into it, it had the the right mix of heartfelt emotions to move the reader, which maybe her first novel lacked. 

Rating: 4/5

Author Savi Sharma will go places.