Love Yourself

Today is World Health Day.. the message is simple.

The body says, if you don’t look after me, I will give up on you.

While we all agree that having a great job, working hard and making lots of money, takes TOP priority in our lives.. but let it NOT come at the cost of living right & living healthy.

Let’s not forget that, if we don’t look after ourselves..forget about earning tons of money, you might not find the strength to get up and go to work. Then what?

Keep the mind sane and the body healthy.

Avoid idle talk and Keep away from junk food. Live the simple life 🙂

Health is not valued until sickness arrives.

8 Replies to “Love Yourself”

  1. Thanks Savio and same to u too

  2. Today is world mental health day or depression day too right? 🤔

    1. World Mental Health day is on 10th Oct, today I guess is World Health Day. But people all over are talking about I’m really not too sure 😉

      1. Then it is world depression day today 🤔
        A lot has to be done about mental health. First, going to a psychiatrist means ‘mental’ – this should be removed from the minds of people.
        Write a post on it, savi 😉

        1. Savi? 😲 Today is World Health Day. Google it.. 😁😁
          ..and its not psychiatrist, it’s DD (Dimag ka Doctor) 😉 courtesy Dear Zindagi-the movie

          1. O fell down from the keypad 😂😂😂
            Yes, it is world health day, but the newspapers say it is world depression day. May be both 🙂😀
            I don’t watch movies 😛

  3. Health is not valued till sickness arrives…. So true! Good reminder for all of us to value our bodies and respect it

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