You are the Best Wife – Non Fiction Novel

It is the first time that I have actually read a non-fiction book – A true story, that of Ajay K. Pandey (the author) and his wife Bhavna Pradhan, the title of the book, which is ‘You are the Best Wife’

The book covers the journey of their lives, from the first time they meet until the point of marriage and a little after that. The writing style is simple and pretty straight forward, which does not have too many frills, which one would expect in a fictional novel, this being a true story, has a charm of its own.

It wouldn’t be fair to give a review on a true story written, maybe that’s why I don’t want to say much about the book. However, purely concentrating on the content, one can find errors here-n-there, not very glaring, but if you’re someone who is a stickler for grammar, you will not miss them.

There are a lot of good things that come out from this book, some things that it may have lacked, but I still give it a ‘thumbs up’.

This is one story, that comes straight from the heart.

I’m gonna skip giving a rating to this book, purely because it is a true story, and only one knows what it must feel to  bring out one’s feelings in print, especially if it is a story like this (not-a-happy-ending)

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  1. ” Not a happy ending “……. ~_~

  2. I like to read happy endings ya…

    1. Then this one is not for you, Aditi

      1. Thats sad…. i think no one’s life story should have a sad ending

        1. That’s life. ..n if we go to see, in the real life, that’s exactly what’s happening. Not everyone gets a happy ending…

          1. I know… but its just a wishful thinking

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