22 days into the Ipl


Yes! 22 days later and I’m writing something about the IPL, today.

I wasn’t really excited about IPL 2017, primarily because the team I am supporting, i.e RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) was almost a non-starter, with their captain Virat Kohli all set to miss out the initial few matches, A B de Villiers out with a back issue, Sarfaraz Khan out with a freak injury during the practice sessions, and with blow-hot-n-cold Chris Gayle-you can never really say and besides he’s not the same Gayle, 10 years ago, it is almost as if RCB was fielding a second string outfit on the field.

However with the last 2 matches, that Captain Kohli is back with Gayle firing on all cylinders in the last match, could we see traces of the old RCB? They certainly have it in them to reach the top 4, even it it means struggling at the back end to reach the playoff’s.

What has impressed me the most, is some of the performances of the Indian lads so far in the tournament, guys like the Pandya’s – Krunal & Hardik, Nitesh Rana (Mumbai Indians), Rishabh Pant and  Sanju Samson (Delhi Daredevils), Manish Pandey (KKR) and Kedar Jadhav (RCB), exceptional talent backed up with superb performances.

With MI and KKR holding the top 2 positions as of now, they do seem to have the team to go all the way, but don’t count out on the RCB, or any team for that matter, all it takes is one victory to turn it all around. RCB has shown that in the past…

RCB 6 2 4 0 0 4 -0.747

6th on the points table. Looking for some better days ahead. GO RCB!!!


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  1. Somehow IPL never excited me in any year since its conception. It seems to me as “khichdi” which is boring and bland (I know it’s contrast to the very nature of IPL). I am waiting for the champions trophy to begin.

    1. Agreed, but sometimes one needs a little entertainment (or khichdi as you call it) on tv, else nothing else sparks real interest. There was once upon a time a certain Arnab Goswami on Times Now, who entertained at night…so limited options you see..

      1. Haha, that’s so true. Few anchors and news channels definitely entertain us.

  2. This IPL doesn’t seem to be so much of a star studded affair but like you’ve said, there is some serious talent coming out!
    It’s going to be a hard time for veterans to hold on to their spots in the national team with so many youngsters knocking the door.
    Manish Pandey, this guy’s isn’t getting out! Nitish Rana, he seems to have sprouted overnight! And not to forget Bhuvi, who ironically sits out for Ishant Sharma in the national team (Ishant is making a lot of 50s these days with the ball)…
    Certainly an IPL to watch out for! And yes I’m an RCB fan too but can’t wait to see the legendary CSK to return!

    1. CSK and RR both 🙂 TBH, quite sick of this RPS and GL teams, their jersey’s are equally sick!
      Hi5 to a fellow RCB fan..my loyalties might change, come the 11th edition of the IPL, with all the players going into auction-that will surely be interesting :p

      1. I too hate their jurseys! Feels like these teams play only to help other teams gain 2 points and help them break some old records.
        Next IPL is gonna be some serious stuff hopefully!

        1. Already looking forward to that..

  3. Have never watched IPL with interest. One day match and World Cup interests me. Concept of IPL hmm ??? .

    1. IPL=Sensless entertainment, atleast this year’s edition seems so

      1. 😀😀. Only source of earnings money and I suppose normal match is healthy or else I think might hamper their World Cup preparation.

  4. Better bet on another team next year

    1. Yes definitely, with all the players going back into the auction; time to support a new team.

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