noor – 21st April 2017 [movie]

Not having watched many of Sonakshi Sinha’s movies, I liked her character as noor in the film with the same name. Always knew SS was a talented actress, having watched her last film Akira, which was an ‘okay’ film.

In many ways this film is relatable, a simple down to earth kind of film with no frills. Scenes portrayed in the film are stuff that happens daily in people’s lives. Noor is the kind of girl, you will find in your neighborhood, and with the life she leads, be it her friends, or the day-to-day issues she goes through. You can say, Sonakshi has done justice to the role, she perfectly fits the character.

She might not get the big films like Alia Bhatt or Priyanka Chopra do, but she will definitely give her all, and that is what makes her films a worth watch.

Go and watch it, less than 2 hours (1h 47m to be exact) 

Rather than spend time sweating it out in the sun somewhere, head to a theater and give Noor a watch, besides movie tickets aren’t expensive either these days.

Rating 3.5/5

Pssst: I liked her pink-n-white shorts..I think she looked good in them :p What!? I don’t miss out much 😛😛 and pink is a good color for shorts, I’d think 😛😛

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