Different sounds, Different feelings

We all have that one sound.. that helps us relax. Some of which may include..

Waves crashing against the rockshttps://talkwiththee.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/listen2.png?resize=154%2C258

Pitter Patter of the raindrops on the roof or against the windows

Walking on gravel

Babies laughing

Birds chirping

Church bells from a distance, fireworks display, popping bubble wrap.. there are so many if we actually think about it.

If I have to chose one, it would have to be the ‘Tchjk Tchjk’ sound of the train (Clocking of the wheels on the tracks) I absolutely love that sound..does it relax me or what!! 🙂

That’s the (current) sound you’ll hear in the background when you open my blog. Traveling by train, almost feels like home, if only I could own my own train, or simply someone gifting me one – now wouldn’t that make a unique gift!

Every sound that I’ve mentioned above, evokes a different memory in me – in the form of a person, situation or simply a mood.

Let’s slow down a little and make time to enjoy the sounds that surround us.


10 Replies to “Different sounds, Different feelings”

  1. Raindrops and waterfalls for me! Dings like bells or text tone make me nervous. Along with tick tock!

    1. Text tones? Do u keep your phone on silent then, Manal?

      1. Actually I do. But if I’m expecting important texts, I go for the most subtle tones!

          1. Yeah. Even if it doesn’t who cares 😁

  2. For me good music or family’s voice

  3. I love the sound of the sea. Great post.

    1. The sound of the sea.. would be no 1 for most people. Good choice.
      Thank you for reading

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