English Language Day 23.04.2017

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Happy Birthday William Shakespeare.

English has got to be one of the coolest languages ever spoken on the face of this Earth, no wonder everybody wants to learn the language and speak it correctly.

If ever there was a subject teacher that I liked in school, it had to be my English Teacher, they were just different in a classy way, much cooler than the Mathematics teacher or worse still the History professor. I liked my computer teacher a lot too.. much more than the English teacher in college, but that was for different reasons.

I’ve always enjoyed communicating in English, no language sounds better to the ear. French is another language that is close to my heart (not that I can go further than, Bonjour, Comment allez-vous? Comment tu t’appelles?)

Speaking in English is Cool, French is sexy!

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  1. You got that right! “English is cool, French is sexy!”

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