Butt – in or out?

Women: Ever felt that you are being butt watched?
Men: Ever find yourself checking out women’s butts?

For whichever size they come in, the butt has got to be one of the most attractive parts of the human body, at least at first glance – it may be a different story when looked at closely 😁😁

So what’s in a butt butt that make people wanna look at them?

butt Butt’s are no-touch territory, the fact that that the butt is usually an off limits area, it makes it that much more attractive..and with men, the more you can’t have, the more they are after.

butt A good plump butt signifies good health and fitness. Men see it as, “a woman who knows to look after herself and tries her best to stay in shape”. Men love these kind of women, they make ideal partners.

butt While women have many killer features, a nice butt being one of them, only makes
them look more desirable. A good looking woman blessed with a good butt.. Have Mercy!

butt They’d look good in any outfit! They are an on-all-outfits-winner 😊

That all said.. Flat butt bubble butt perky butt saggy butt firm butt – they’re all awesome. No butt should ever make anyone sad. All butts should make you happy. Your butt is your butt! Go and celebrate it! Show your booty some love.

6 Replies to “Butt – in or out?”

  1. Don’t fully agreed..

    But I’m assuming your butt is your best asset and feature..

    We all have our our best assets..
    The butt is only one of them…

    1. No it isn’t 😉 and of course the butt is just ‘one of them’

      1. Lol 😂…
        I knew it..

        Men likes and preferences varies..

        I think what captures all men attention is a beautiful smile.. and that confident sensual walk…

        If you can do that walk where you can show off almost all your best assets.. and dress provocatively without being sleazy..

        Then you got the attention of all men..

        1. A beautiful smile will do it for me, as far as the sensual walk, its attached to the butt..so…yes 🙂

  2. Butt ofcourse!! 😉😛

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