There’s always a book..

Lately, I was told by a friend to read this book “Who Moved My Cheese”, by the name itself I knew it was some kind of self-help/inspirational book to help me understand myself/situation better.

Yes, I have heard the name of this book, I might have seen it too.. but never actually found the name exciting enough to buy it, but here I was told “I should read it”

modal verb: should
  1. used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness

Really!?..and what am I supposed to get out of it? Some success story of some person, to be applied to my life and seemingly I will get the answers I’m looking for!? What CRAP! I hate these kind of books – NEVER EVER tell me to read a book like that.

However, this book.. I think I will go ahead and read, considering the person who told me to, for whatever “so called value” it may bring into my life.

Isn’t it weird, when you want to talk to someone, just like to share stuff..and this person goes on to tell you..

“You know what, you should read this book…” or go meet this person or listen to this song or whatever else they can come up with. People aren’t always looking for instant solutions, sometimes they just need a listening ear.

The only ‘instant’ I like are Maggi noodles and coffee, nothing else.


Btw, below is the movie version of the book, if you’ve not read the book as yet.

8 Replies to “There’s always a book..”

  1. I have read the book…it is all about making a wise move before circumstances become adverse. BTW… liked your rant!

    1. I just read it online..after posting this.

  2. My grandma gave me the book to read and I couldn’t finish it. I have started thrice, I think. She likes buying inspirational books like this for everyone in the family. I’ve never been able to finish any. I just try to read them to make her happy.

    1. I did finally read it online as soon as I wrote the post in less than an hour..watched the animated film too..wondering what to do next. Thinking who I am from the 4 characters in the book..sniff, scurry, hem or haw. Guess that’s the first thing to do ryt..? 😛😜

      1. Yes, that’s the first thing to do. I will read it after my exams and figure out what character I am too.☺

  3. How did u like the book?

    1. Reading a book is always good…but if u ask me about the content and the impact on my life-absolutely rubbish!

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