To do something Nice for a change!

Have you ever wanted to do something nice for someone? Well, then go ahead and just do it.. let nothing stop you.

Unexpected kindness often catches people off guard.

It’s one thing being paid to be nice to someone, a job like a receptionist/front desk, a customer help executive at a mobile store or an air hostess welcoming passengers into an aircraft, while it may still be fun being of help and nice to people, its nothing like doing it voluntarily and that is where, true happiness is derived from.

Don’t do it for a ‘Thank You’, do it because it makes you happy.

So go ahead, shoot out a deserving compliment, say an encouraging word, ask someone how they’re feeling, give that beggar on the road something to eat – instead of throwing a few coins into his bowl, put aside your phone and spend quality time with your loved ones and you will see.. there are things in life that do come free of cost – Kindness being one of them.

This is maybe something I should put a lot more into practice myself, nothing like beginning with me.

Simply Go the extra aaamile 🙂 Have a wonderful day ahead.

8 Replies to “To do something Nice for a change!”

  1. Doing something for someone without any thing in return always gives you smile and feeling of self content l!!😊 good one

  2. very true… every act of kindness is like sowing seeds and then when the tree blossoms it will give you the shade 🙂

        1. I liked it..commented on it too. That reminds me of another book “a friend” suggested I should read, maybe I need to post about it.

  3. Agreed with your point 🙂

  4. Smile on the face of someone and knowing the reason behind is you is the best feeling. Act of kindness👌👌

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