..I’m just angry!

We’re living in a sick sick world, the more I see.. the more it disgusts me. What kind of a world are we living in? It looks like every side I look, all I can find are manipulators – using our simple people for their own selfish needs. It amazes me.. to how people cannot even know they are being used. BEWARE!!

Don’t trust the sweet-talking wolves in sheep’s clothing..especially if what they have to offer is something that sounds too good to be true. I can see so much of in-justice happening, right in front of my eyes and I can do absolutely NOTHING about it.

My dad says “Being honest in a dishonest world is the toughest thing to do” and I know he’s right. But what do I do, when I see it happening in-front of my very eyes? Destroying lives/futures of other people for ones selfish needs? 

Dad replies to that “Say a Prayer..you’re not alone in this, let God work in their lives and make them do the right thing”

There are some things that dad says..and I have nothing to say in response.




I always use this sentence, whenever referring to that certain brand of people, they disgust me to no end.

“..if you see a ——– and a python, you kill the ——– and let the python go”

3 Replies to “..I’m just angry!”

  1. I get what you feel about manipulations .
    I hate the word
    This is like stimulus for lots of anger inside me .
    But those who are honest enough have strange senses to get the right persons .

  2. Somehow I felt your anger…yes it is tough to be honest…I face this hardness ’cause dishonesty is not my cup of tea to live, to survive…

  3. Lots of injustice is going around.. the innocent people are suffering.. only way is you don’t do a thing which you feel is wrong. Speak who is doing wrong though slowly but change will be there.
    Can understand the pain as somewhere we have all faced such situations and have anger !!!

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