I feel Important

These days, people [to be read as neighbors, acquaintances, ex’s, the inquisitive etc…] have taken it upon themselves to be updated frequently on my whereabouts. Yes, it is for a fact that I prefer to keep my life private, [who doesn’t?]  I guess that’s the reason why all the more.. people find it fascinating to want to find out.. what’s up with him?

In one way it makes me feels good, that so many people want to know my movements, makes me feel important. Not that I do anything special.. I go about doing normal things that normal people do.

Like people see me in a bus heading towards Panjim..and they’ll ask

“You’re going to Panjim?” with a big question mark on their face

“Why? Am I not allowed to travel there?”

Or if my neighbors don’t see my car in the building.. they’ll ask mom,

“Savio’s gone out or what?” – isn’t that obvious? I am the only one in the family who drives the car and if it isn’t there, the chances are that I have driven it somewhere.. duh!

Even at Sunday mass, I find eyeballs following me – I don’t understand why. If people want something, they could approach and ask me..I don’t bite ..at worst, they’ll get some kind of an uncharacteristic response from me, which they might not understand. I tend to do that a lot, just to confuse people.

You have one life, lead it well. Don’t go about bothering about others


12 Replies to “I feel Important”

  1. Well said Savio. 😀 Last line is 👍👌

    1. Thanks Rekha, how have you been girl? Long time…

      1. I am fine, Savio. How about you? 🙂 Do you use your email often?

        1. I do check it everyday, I haven’t missed any email till date.

          1. I did not send any mail 😂😂 just asked.. I don’t have your mail id. 🙂

  2. So true! The entire world has this habit of being worried about someone else’s​ life. Total waste of time and energy!

  3. Eyeballs following..😂 you made me laugh..it’s something which we face very frequently..I ask myself whether I am happy with that ” important ” feeling or or am I irritated with such queries…not quite sure.. actually I felt you are also little confused

    1. I am always confused as to why people have the need to know.. 🙂

      1. Yup..leave it to them..let them explore and fail hearing your weird answer

  4. This is Savio
    Savio likes to keep his life private
    Savio hate people tracing him
    Savio doesnt like to bother anyone
    Savio is a nice guy.
    Be like Savio.

    Now imagine the cartoon that comes on FB with such statements 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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