being Indian

I was watching the bollywood movie ‘Players’, for the umpteenth time on the Sony no means the greatest of movies to have been made & released, but effective when it comes to the beautifully planned and executed robbery scene in the movie.

Movies like these have always sparked my be it Aankhen, Dhoom, Dhoom 2, Happy New Year, Players, Don 2, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, Race, Race 2 (all Bollywood) etc..etc.. I’ve loved and enjoyed each and every one of them, irrespective of them, going on to be blockbusters or bombed at the box-office.

But do stuff like this happen in the real life?

I’m not sure I’ve heard of anything like that happen..but then there is no dearth of talent in a country like India that can carry out something like this, if ever.. that too with clinical precision. Count on an Indian to do the job!

The world should take note..India is the land of jugaad, anything is possible. We Indians are multi-talented, along with being experts in fields of I.T, Engineering and others, we have hidden talents that are shown only in times of adversity, you’d do well not to drive us into a situation like that.. it is at that time, where an Indian is most dangerous – He turns into The Smiling Assassin.

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  1. Totally loved this! Especially, “India is the land of jugaad.” No wonder, nothing is impossible for a person here. We can go to the highest extent of dedication to see our dreams turn reality. Enjoyed this post of your’s! 💪❤💫

    1. Thankyou for reading, Kin 🙂

  2. Great post man…loved it…and am in unison with Kinjal…

  3. That players movie is 💯% copy of Hollywood movie. hate it

    1. Is it? I didn’t know that..what is the name of the English movie?

      1. I don’t remember but one of the actor in that movie is Statsom

      2. The Italian Job by Peter Collinson

        1. thanks, will download and watch it

  4. Yay its so good

  5. land of jugaad , definately . We always know how to choose the middle path . great put

  6. Such talent prevails through the globe… why categorize Indians? 🤔

    1. We Indians are pretty special..

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