The bus Journey

Sometimes all you can do is steal glances at that pretty girl in the bus…and you’ll be lucky if you have a moment or two when your eyes get locked with each other. I had 3 such moments – of a couple of seconds each.

If you get a chance, watch her toes too…oh yes (Toes tell a story too.. click HERE to find out) ..and she was wearing a Lee Cooper white t-shirt and a few strands of her hair kept falling on her face, with the breeze blowing from the window (which looked really nice if you ask me) which she also kept putting behind her ears. She tucked her hair into a ponytail (I love when girls tie their hair into a ponytail) , that kept bouncing every time the bus went over a spread breaker.

Some girls are just…so pretty to watch..a whole 45 minutes (that’s how long a bus takes in Goa to reach from Margao 2 Panjim) ..oh wait! she’s got down one stop before the Panjim Bus stand – make that 35 minutes.

Traveling by bus is actually a lot of fun..observing the various kinds of passengers, while most of them are either texting, listening to music on their phones or dozing off, they’ll always be that odd passenger who will entertain the rest in the bus, either by talking really loud on his phone or to his co-passenger and the rest of us are all forced to over-hear them.

Of course nothing tops, having a pretty girl in the bus, that everyone in the bus will look at.. when getting in, getting off or during the journey (like me)

A girl/ woman has got to be one of God’s best creations. Yes, HE made the world, the birds, the animals.. the bees and all.. but women top it all.

Cheers to that!

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  1. I always cover my face when I go by bus 😀 😛

    1. In Bangalore..? or generally when you travel?

      1. Especially in Bangalore 😉
        Some buses here have a seat in the opposite direction (the ones behind driver’s seat). So if you sit there, everybody in the bus will be staring at you. 😀

        1. If you’re blessed with good features (which I believe everyone is-some more than others) why not let people see you and admire the beauty? Why deprive people to look at somebody beautiful?

  2. I could say the same about those handsome men that I enjoy glancing at as well. ;P
    Like you said indeed, God has created some fine humans for sure!
    Great post! 🙂

    1. Oh yes definitely! it works well both ways 🙂

  3. Hahahha.. Savio… you na! Ok.. so we are done with the girls at petrol pump, movie theatre, banks, training, bus. Whats next? How about a girl at some shop? 😅😆

    1. that day will surely come 🙂

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