9 Replies to “Oh the Pain!”

  1. Yes absolutely Savio and the heart is like that soft as a baby.

  2. And your eyes keep dreaming…. And then one day it happens…. Shes forever gone 😐

    1. Dedicated to a few of those shy ones…

      1. I see that,my friend 😊

  3. Thank you for stopping by long back on my blog. (www.girlwhowrites.in)
    I am afraid how I have missed to read your blog before. A lot to read here and I will continue sneaking into your blog on regular basis. Followed you now. Have a great day ahead.


    1. Nice to hear from u Jasmeet, now maybe I need to visit again 😀 ThankYou for the follow 😊

  4. Hmmmm… i know what u mean Savio 🤔😀

    1. Oh no! Not that..seriously. That ship has sailed..and when I let go..its gone!gone 4eva.

      1. Never mind, u’ll sail through!

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