There’s always going to be competition!

No matter what…if you’re living in this life, you are going to be part of some competition or the other, it doesn’t matter if at the end of it all, you’re going to win a prize or not.

At different stages of life, comes a different kind of competition..What the heck – to be born you were part of a competition, your sperm won over millions of others to fertilize that one EGG! (hope I got that biological fact correct) However the journey in the real world is much tougher.

It’s not so much of what capabilities we possess that build the competition among people, but the fact that the other has something extra, which we don’t have-that makes us compete with him/her to be ONE BETTER. We are basically programmed in a way that the benchmark to our happiness depends on how happy others are, which is a very wrong way of looking at life..because each one of us have our own strengths and weaknesses.

If you remember, even when we were probably a 1 year old kid, our parents would compare us with another kid saying

“see how that baby is eating her food so also eat nicely…”

Just imagine the scenario, if that same 1 year old kid could talk – he’d turn around and tell his father

“papa see.. her papa is driving such a big car, you also buy one like that…”

How would you feel…? Not too great right!?

But that’s what happens, there is always this pressure when we look at others and try to be as happy as them or even happier..and the biggest example of this in today’s world would be Facebook. Ever since the inception of Facebook (or social media as a whole), it seems the pressure on us has built manifold.

Just log into Facebook and check out people’s photos, everybody seems to be traveling,

everyone seems to be partying and having a good time, every wife is in love with her

husband, everyone’s life is happening.. there are people checking in-one day into Thailand, next week to Singapore and the following week to Malaysia..but then again, that’s only 1% of everybody’s life, because people decide to put out only the best 1% of their life on social media..and why not? Nobody wants to market himself/herself as a loser.

People seeing and reading these posts compare their 100% life to this 1% life and curse themselves and there by putting undue pressure on themselves.

Ever bothered to find out what lies in the 99% that people are hiding..I’m sure, it’s not all Milk and Honey!

In a way, comparing yourself to the lives of others may work for some, simply because it gives them a kind of perspective of life, to have a target.. to help them see themselves achieve that target in ‘x’ no of years, to build a kind of a bucket list, but then like everything else, it has a negative side too.. like people getting into drugs, using stuff like alcohol and other vices to be with the ‘in’ crowd, resorting to corrupt ways to get work done.

So basically the competition that we talk about isn’t really competition but self inflicting pressure that we put on ourselves to be better that another.

Is it really worth it? Why can’t we be happy within ourselves..?

Isn’t competition all about being better than what you were yesterday? At least that’s how I look at it. I am not competing with anybody, just with myself 🙂

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  1. That’s the point , the self made competition .
    While some part of the competition is biologically given say its in our genes , as the evolution took place through survival of fittest . but naturally what competition we assume today is different , we want things to be perfect , glorious and everything in hue .
    things don’t work that way .

    It’s a lovely put up .
    Have a nice day

    1. You too Charvi, have a good day yourself

  2. U have highlighted a great point… there’s even a term called “Instagram depression”… main cause being this!

    1. This is a new term I’ve heard, thanks for that Anisha. I can only imagine

  3. Yes thats true, correctly said, people aren’t satisfied until they have better than others. And we only have set these absurd standards for ourselves that our life isn’t good enough if it is not better than others. Esp the concept of, if ur life is not happening enough on social media, u don’t have a life😕

    1. Talk of the 21st century thinking

  4. Beautiful post! This is so true

  5. The only competition that i believe in is the competition with self. Each and every day i must fare better than yesterday. I like your point – people compare their 100% life with 1% of others life which makes way to FB. They just push satisfaction away from themselves.

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