How may I address you?

I’m gonna start with..

You have a name and by default I WILL address you by it, UNLESS of course;

Condition 1: I do not know your name (an Introduction is required)

Condition 2: I am specifically told to address the person as Sir/Ma’am (because of seniority)

Condition 3: The concerned person is very elderly and as a form of respect, I CHOOSE to call her Sir/Ma’am, Aunty, Uncle..whatever!

Now getting into the crux of “What’s the big DEAL on being addressed by your name?” Are people ashamed of being called by their first name? Or are they just pig-headed and have the NEED to be referred as Sir/Madam/Ma’am.

Earlier today, dad & myself were having this discussion (sometimes these father-son talks are just awesome-more so because we are always of two contrasting views, naturally because we were born in two different era’s) about how it is better to call people by Sir/Ma’am (his view) and how I thought it was cooler to call people by their first names and they would prefer it that way. It so happened a few years ago (I was reminded) that dad and I had met the manager of a hotel who was known to both of us, while I greeted him by his first name, dad greeted him as Sir and though the concerned person didn’t mind (or at least didn’t seem to be perturbed) about being greeted differently, dad thought it wasn’t right for me to have addressed him by his first name, considering he was a manager and elder to me and I was well…me.

Personally, I think there’s nothing wrong in addressing people by their first name, even boss’s nowadays are cool to the idea, unless of course there’s a certain office protocol that has to be maintained-then it is accepted. In schools, of course I would prefer being called ‘Sir’ in the classroom and it the school campus but I’m cool with the same students calling me by my name outside of it. My colleagues can call be by my name.. I’m okay with that too.

After the rather long discussion I had with dad, I’m just beginning to wonder..if I need to start to ask people on how I should address them. Would it be more polite that way or maybe just find the easier way out and stop short after normal greetings and choose not to take their name at all (like I do sometimes)

We’re living in the 21st century for pete’s sake, I’m sure people aren’t that rigid like in the olden times..or maybe a few of them are still around. As for me, I like to treat everyone as an equal and I have always felt if you have a name, people are allowed to use it TO YOU, otherwise else what is the use?

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  1. Good one! I am faced with this dilemma very often. By the way, I have nominated you for the Leibster Award! Do check the link here –

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