Kerala – God’s Own Country? I don’t think so!!!

No idea how this tag line ‘God’s Own Country’ came up for the state of Kerala..certainly there is nothing that even comes close to making Kerala-the state, match its very impressive tag line.

Come stay here, mingle with the people and you’ll see – how wrong that guy was (whoever came up with this tag line) when he thought of using this tag for the state. Besides the many churches one can find in Kerala with an equal number, or even more priests to ever come from a particular state, Kerala stands as a state of India, that no one can relate too – unless of course you’re a malayalee yourself, then you will obviously love this place.

I have worked 4 years here and needless to say, even after 4 years – this place holds the same impression as on the first day I landed up here. How can people come from different places around the country and land up working in Kerala is baffling! especially the labor class..The bengalis are here in quite a number, with a few Goans spread out in this state as well – another thing which I cannot understand. How on earth do goans and mallus gel together? (for the info:People from Kerala hate to be referred to as mallus, they prefer the more stylish ‘malayalis’ – I really can’t see the difference, I will always refer to them as mallus)

Come to Kerala, in terms of tourism – this place is beautiful. In terms of a career – think twice, actually think 10 times, you are certainly better off in your state – whatever the situation may be. Kerala has nothing to offer you in the way of a job, you’re either a sales person in some shop of if you’re lucky to have some good communication skills – you will land up as a teacher, teaching their not so very English-driven students how to improve their language skills – a challenge in itself.

According to me there are two types of mallus:

The Pure Mallu & the Adulterated Mallu

..the pure mallus (those who are confined only to their state) are horrible and the adulterated mallus (those who have lived and traveled around the country/world) are tolerable, but either way they are both pretty much irritable.

If you’re a first time visitor to Kerala, go with an open mind.. at the end of the day, you’ll feel different. It’s like a whole different experience, I can’t guarantee you, it will be a good one but along the way you will surely learn a lot of things.

That said, Kerala is no God’s country and besides I think one of the 7 commandments states that:

  • Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain

Now isn’t Kerala breaking one of God’s commandments, by using HIS name in vain?

I may not like this place for many many reasons, but one for thing that I do like is their freshly made banana chips which are the best… and yes their tapioca chips.

Next time, before calling Kerala – God’s own country, think twice. There’s nothing Godly about this place, on the contrary it is just the opposite.

The whole of India is blessed with beautiful nature, Kerala is no special and besides God resides everywhere and not just in a TAG LINE.

God bless this state and its people. They require it – from the common man to their priests.

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