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Maybe a month too late for this post.. This could have easily been my first post here.. nevertheless, Read on.

When I started blogging on the WordPress platform, I never thought I’d continue for 5 years, meet new people and enjoy posting as much as I did [Have I met some lovely & amazing people or what] ..and when I finally started getting the recognition for the posts I wrote, I decided to move to a self hosting site – come 2017.

Why? I needed more.. I needed to get to the next level.. I wasn’t just satisfied being a blogger on ‘some’ platform, I needed my own identity on the World Wide Web – and now with this site – I have finally got it. Maybe it was JUST one of those things I wanted.

Of course that meant I had to start from ZERO again, 0 views, 0 followers, 0 subscriptions and though I got transferred the posts from my WordPress domain onto the website, it still felt that “I had to write my first post all over again” – however this time it was easier.

Maintaining a website is not as easy as one of always having ideas to improve on it all the time and then the execution part.

I’ve never been the kind of person who likes change too much (besides the normal exterior changes I make to look better-be it on a website design or the furniture setting in the living room or changes in the car), but to make personal changes in my life.. hmmm! They’ve been things I’ve had to change in my own life to make it of better quality (guess that’s where the term ‘evolve’ comes from) of course the basic core of me stays the same, yet the way I approach many things and people around me are totally different now, though its been a difficult phase, I guess it has been a change for the good, looking ahead.

Its been a little more than a month since the website [] was thrown open, with the addition of only 7 posts and 4 email subscriptions (till date)– it has been extremely slow going but I guess all good things need time to get going, I do have my own WordPress blog as an example before this – which took almost 3 years to pick up and make an upward swing, only hope this one doesn’t take that long.

There’s always ‘a NEXT’ idea brewing up in my mind

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