The distraction

I had given it all up, looking down the deep valley. All it needed was one step and it would all end. It was the month of May and a lot of tourists made their way to the hill station.
Coorg, the place where people came to celebrate their holidays, good times, love, togetherness and family time and here I was, I had it all and yet somewhere deep inside of me. I felt empty. I had no answers to the millions of questions that I had and life showed me no direction. That was the day I decided to end it all.
As I had almost decided to take the plunge, a voice behind me said

“Do you mind getting to the side? I’m not able to get the right angle for the picture”

I stopped short and walked a few steps to the right.

“How Rude” I thought!

I looked below into the valley again, lost in my own thoughts, when he spoke again

“You’d be really messed up if you jump and still manage to survive..I mean..just imagine”

Who was this guy? What was he even doing here, it wasn’t like the area had anything special to look at but for the deep valley below.

“I like this place, you get some awesome photographs from here” pointing out to the surroundings, it was as if he could read my mind. He continued

“Do you mind taking a picture of me with the clouds in the back drop; it’ll look great in my hall back home”

I didn’t know this person, a total stranger and here I was totally distracted by his silly talk. I went ahead and clicked a picture which led to a few more, on that breezy cold evening by the hill.. and by the time it had all finished, I was heading in the opposite direction, back home, forgetting for that brief moment for what I had to come to do there in the first place.

Narrating the story to a room filled with young adults accompanied with their parents, I didn’t know when the hall had gotten so quiet all of a sudden. I paused, looked around and there he was, standing right at the back as usual with the camera in his hands and his focus on me.

She continued,” I didn’t understand whether it was destiny that made him come there that day or simply his love for photography, but today all I can say is, there could be no better picture than the one standing, arms around each other, smiling and totally in love with the love of my life with the clouds in the far background, just the way we liked it. Yes, that stranger is my husband today”  as everyone turned around following her pointed finger to the man behind the camera lens, inviting him to join her to the front.

“We met by mistake, fell in love by chance and married when absolutely sure about each other.” She continued.

He butted in “..and it took more than just a couple of more trips to the hill station for all that to happen, the beauty of which I’ve tried to capture in my camera, all that for you to see and experience for yourself”

Sometimes in every hopeless story, lies a shining light – even if it comes in the form of a simple distraction.”

“Suicide is never an option, how can it be when God himself gave each one of us a purpose to live, and this life we live isn’t enough to fulfill it, who then are we to cut it shorter any further? I found mine that day on that hill that evening”  she smiled, as she was given a well-deserved applause.

It was World Suicide Prevention Day, more importantly it was the opening of Rakesh’s Photo Gallery exhibition on the same day, and he couldn’t have found a better opportunity to showcase his talent, his wife being by his side.

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  1. Awwww. Congrats to you two. Cheers. 🙂

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Nishita.. hahahaha, I guess the story did make an impact on you 🙂 I do have a habit of writing stories, as if I am part of them, when I’m actually not. This is fiction 🙂

      1. oh! I thought it was true, like real. But, I loved it. I believe in love and it’s power. 🙂

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