Long Live ‘local bus’ trips in Goa


..is simply fun!

Now you’ll wonder, why would I write a post on a simple thing like ‘traveling in a local bus in Goa’. It’s not that I’m the only one traveling by bus in Goa, but for me-being more out of state than in state, a bus journey here is one to be treasured simply because with Goa, I can actually enjoy it. Traveling in buses in other states doesn’t give me ‘that feeling’, its more like getting from one place to another.

Living in a city in Goa. everything is found close by, Educational Institutions, work places, theaters, markets etc, so a walk down town and you get what you need. For far places, you always have your 4 wheeler (the family car), that leaves not many chances to hop on to a bus. But for when I do, I try to enjoy it to the fullest.

Recently. I did get into one and boy was it fun.

1. You don’t really have to know anybody in the bus to start a conversation, Goa being Goa – somebody will recognize you and start talking (i.e if you’re goan yourself) and boy! can people talk for lengths! It can be about anything under the sun, the tap just needs to be open. You’ll feel richer in conversation after your trip-guaranteed.

2. Goan local buses come with music (whether you like or not) and with the volume being quite loud (public standards) it could make you happy or be equally irritated. Nevertheless, you could always drift to sleep if you don’t enjoy it or plug your own earphones for customized ‘your choice of music’

3. Goan buses being packed to the rafters (normally) one will always be up-close with another goan and being goans they’ll grumble together about “how much more to get inside in the bus” when the bus’s size isn’t really that big.

One of my favorite pictures! This is on the local bus near Mapsa, Goa. Note the sign, off in the distance. ((you can click twice

4. For those sitting by the windows seats, it is a treat looking out of the window, it is very breezy and the surroundings that one gets to experience is simply wow! (especially during summers) however during monsoons the window seat might not always be he the best idea (with rain water seeping in-even if closed). The window is always half-&-half, for the front passenger and the back passenger (see pic below)

Related image

5. There will always be a rush at the door of the bus, with the conductor acting as the mediator between the passengers ‘in’ and ‘yet-to-get-in’ the bus passengers. Considering how cheap local transport is, the average Goan takes the bus, young or old.

I miss Goa when I’m not in state, like I am asked by many (outstation) friends & colleagues

“You’re from Goa..and you’re coming to work outstation – Why?”

Hometown is hometown, whichever place you are from. The feeling of studying/working in your own state is anytime better than traveling far off to other states.

Just like local trains are to Mumbai, local buses are to Goa. It’s always fun to travel by them, unless of course you chose to prefer traveling by your own vehicle (which could be really boring, tiring and expensive as well) and like I mentioned earlier;

You’ll definitely feel richer in conversation after your trip. Guaranteed.


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  1. Namaste!
    Thankyou for reading my posts and appreciating them. 🙂
    This post took me to Goa itself, I have only been there once, but it is a city to marvel, to be there.
    Oh, it’s beautiful. 🙂
    Would love to take a bus-ride the next time I go there. 🙂

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Nishita, thankyou for your kind words. I guess a good reason to come to Goa back again (a bus ride)

      1. You’re Welcome. 🙂 Yes, definitely.

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